October 2021

Harris trust sounding great

Ian Lowthian

Harris Trust funds the equipment to create a music recording studio at Selkirk High School. The new recording studio which will go live in October 2021 at Selkirk High School is fully equipped with the latest hardware and software to help the young people make professional recordings and videos. Much more than just a home studio though, it is built around a new Apple Mac computer, running Logic Pro X for recording audio and Final Cut Pro for editing video. Other hardware includes the Presonus Faderport 16 channel DAW controller and the Steinberg UR816C audio and midi interface, plus a great selection of microphones suitable for all instruments, drum kits and voices. Recordings will be played back or mixed through KRK's Rokit RP7 G4 studio monitors.​

Selkirk High School have prepared a space within the music department to include a control room, recording booth plus access to a large classroom where larger groups, such as choirs or ensembles could record together. To start with, the studio will be used by pupils working with Ian Lowthian and Fraser Hewitt (the new music Teacher), but it is hoped that the studio will be used more widely for community projects, particularly projects that address issues such as mental health, confidence building or working with neurodivergent young people and adults.

Ian is funded at the High School with some of the school's allocated PEF money to work with young people who are less likely to engage well with school because of a number of reasons. With Ian, they will learn to use all the studio equipment and develop skills to work in a studio, but perhaps more importantly they are given the opportunity and encouraged with Ian to be creative through music, either learning an instrument, composing music, writing songs, making remixes of computer game themes, writing jingles etc, or whatever they fancy doing! Sometimes the sessions are just spent talking or listening to music. As it develops Ian hopes that some of the young people will start to work collaboratively on projects to create music and videos.

The studio will also be a great facility for the young people who are working towards National 5's and Highers, or are perhaps preparing to audition for music schools etc. It will also be a space where singers and instrumentalists might experiment and gain confidence before performing live at concerts. The studio also gives the opportunity to develop production and arrangement skills and will help create a music community within the school, with some musicians working together who would never usually get together.

Recording Studio - now open

Updated March 2022

"The Selkirk High School music recording studio opened in March 2022 and creates many possibilities for young people. Some like to play together, others on their own; it may be learning about the technical sound production that is of interest; there's opportunities for the music teachers to expand the courses on offer and to work collaboratively with other departments. Harris Trust is delighted that the studio is a happy creative space and will help support students."